Renée looked at the picture, a small actual smiling pulling at the corner of her mouth. She looked rather awkward and stiff next to the other girls, but it wasn’t a bad photo.

"it looks nice."

"Yes, yes! I’d love to keep it!" 

Kasie practically bounced up and down in joy. 

"I want to remember Miss Mimi and Miss Ren forever ‘cuz you two are, like, my big sisters that I never had!"



Renée’s brow furrowed. Mermaids didn’t like pepper? What? Why was that relevant? What on Earth were the two talking about? She leaned over to grab the bottle, bringing it to her lap.

"Oh, ah, alright."

She figured that Min-Yun was now asking Kaise to take the picture or join.

Her eyes sparkled in delight. A picture? Oh, she hadn’t taken one in forever! Maybe she could even ask to keep the photo when it came out! That way, she could remember them forever!

Kasie bounded over, sliding her way next to Miss Ren and Miss Mimi, beaming brightly. 

"So…. One…. Two… Three…. Cheese!"



Renée nodded, digging a hand into her pocket to fish out three coins. Even if it couldn’t give her her feet back, she was sure nothing could, having the stumps heal and her concussion gone would be very welcome. And it meant no more drugs. She held one hand out with the money, and pointed to the bottle with the other, attempting another almost smile.

"Can I have the mermaid’s tears? Please?"

She knew the girl couldn’t hear her, but it was polite to say anyway.

Kasie hummed pleasantly, smile on her face, as she accepted the coins in exchange for the bottle. Hurray! Everyone seemed to be relatively happy, and that made the little girl bubbly in exchange.

She looked back up at Miss Mimi and thought deeply about the matter.

"I think…. that the mermaids don’t, like, like something. I think it’s pepper!"



Renée looks as Min-Yun buys a camera, and then holds up another note that she, frustratingly, can’t see.

"Would they? What um, what do they do?"

She really doesn’t want to be taking any more drugs.

Kasie happily accepts the coin. It seems this is the one object she can touch. Huh. She leaves the camera around for the taking. 

"Okie dokie! Feel free to, like, take it whenever you’re ready!"

She paused momentarily, frowning for a bit. 

"…… I think she might get really mad. Like, mad enough to turn other mermaids imaginary just to protect her treasure. I mean, like, maybe even she’d turn imaginary to stop you!”



Renée looked at Min-Yun writing, wishing that she still had her own diary. If she wanted to talk to Kaise with any regularity she’d have to find a replacement. There was the voice-lock diary in her room, she supposed, maybe if she was feeling brave she could ask Min-Yun to get it for her.

"Um, can you ask her what ‘Mermaid’s Tears’ are?"

Being below Min-Yun, Renée couldn’t actually see what her friend was writing.

Kasie’s brows furrowed for a moment. Selfies? Oh! Min-yun was a model after all! Just like her mama! She shook her head slowly. 

"I’m sorry, but the phone doesn’t take pictures. I do have, like, a camera! It’s the kind where if you take a shot, a picture develops, like, right away! The camera is just one coin though!

"As for the Mermaid’s Tears, they’re three coins! They can, like, heal you, but not regrow limbs. I…. I might have something that could though?

Well, I don’t have it per say, but like, I think Miss Annie does! You know, the mermaid? Like, I heard she has a treasure chest, but it’s in the lake somewhere!”

shslkpopidol asked: The cutest dead girls in the world are coming to cash in all these coins. Hey Kasie-chan can we go thrift shopping.



She pats Renee’s head over the back of the wheelchair, and then proceeds to fix the bow. There you go, buddy.

Renée waved a little at Kaise as she approached and took her hands off of her wheels, and tried her best to smile. She wasn’t…particularly successful, but it was something.

"I um, I don’t know. I’ve never looked at what was for sale before. Also ah…I didn’t think that she could hear us?"

Correct! She cannot hear you nerds!

However, Kasie just brings out her stock and beams at the two.



"Of course you may! What do you want, Miss Mimi and Miss Ren?"

"I have lots of things! Um, if you don’t have a notebook, then maybe you can just point to what you want? I can list them out!"

"Like, I have this cellphone. It comes in a pair! So, you can talk to anyone you want even if they’re imaginary! It’s really expensive though! I think it’s about… um… twenty coins? It has some really weird conditions though.”

"I also have some Mermaid’s Tears too! It’s the last bottle!"

shslkpopidol asked: The cutest dead girls in the world are coming to cash in all these coins. Hey Kasie-chan can we go thrift shopping.


"Of course you may! What do you want, Miss Mimi and Miss Ren?"

shslkpopidol asked: Min-yun Yi, at it again. This time with a new journal!! She's like a really professional looking ghost now. [Hi, Kasie-chan! Are you feeling better? If you are, I can show you all the pretty dresses and stuff!]

Kasie nods! She seems rather chipper to hear that. Good job, Min-Yun! You made her day!


"Yeah! I’m feeling really, like, great, Miss Mimi! Can I see where all the pretty things are? It’ll be like a treasure hunt right?"



"Heh, don’t change a thing ‘bout yerself, kiddo,"

 She flips her maidenly carry-on to its side, as she had gotten in the habit of carrying her items with her. She sorts through it.

"I ain’t got much, but if ya find somethin’ that catches yer fancy, we can work somethin’ out easy."

 Besides her carry-on, which you doubt she’s gonna part with, you find…

Smiley Face Facemask :: A small mask that goes across the face to cover the mouth and part of your nose. It’s generally used when it’s you’re sick or don’t want to get sick. Or maybe just to hide your gorgeous smile. (it’s in a plastic baggie. Yeah, you may wanna wash it first, wasn’t Mia wearing it when she was sick?)

Certificate :: It’s a paper that has a ribbon attached. It says, ‘You’re awesome!’ Congratulations.

Chocolate-Chip Jerky :: Smoked meat covered with chocolate chips. It was created as a non-perishable food by a chef who specialized in unusual food combinations. It’s not a combination you’d really want to make.


Spray Bottle :: You can now spray people like they’re a bad puppy or something.

Bojobo Dolls :: A pair of male and female dolls that you make a wish on, made from the nuts of bojobo vines and coconut fibers. The wish is represented by how their arms and legs are tied on.

 She shuffles to sit on her knees, looking like a street merchant with all her goods splayed out.

"What a ya got sweetheart?"

Kasie beamed in excitement, already finding something to her liking. There was a pair of dolls! Sure, they weren’t the type that she normally played with, but they were better than nothing! 

She needed a playmate after all! Things were getting really lonely, especially since Mr. Sweet wasn’t coming by to visit anymore.

"Oh! I can give you all these cool toys for the doll! You can only pick one though!"

She scurried off to a well to rummage through her stock, and by the time she came back, she had an armful of arsenals and weapons. She gingerly laid them out on the table for the other to see.

  • Chainsaw :: VRM! VRM!

  • Shotfun :: That’s right. It’s a gun packed with confetti. Bang!

  • Flamethrower :: Burn, baby, burn.
shslcoolestcat asked: " 'ey little one. Ya must be Kasie right? Can I buy 'r sell some stuff wit' ya? That ok wit' ya? I may have a couple thins ya might like."


"Oh! Yeah! I’m Kasie! You can sell or buy lots of things from me. Just tell me what you want, and I can let you know what I have!"