shslkpopidol asked: Min-yun Yi, at it again. This time with a new journal!! She's like a really professional looking ghost now. [Hi, Kasie-chan! Are you feeling better? If you are, I can show you all the pretty dresses and stuff!]

Kasie nods! She seems rather chipper to hear that. Good job, Min-Yun! You made her day!


"Yeah! I’m feeling really, like, great, Miss Mimi! Can I see where all the pretty things are? It’ll be like a treasure hunt right?"



"Heh, don’t change a thing ‘bout yerself, kiddo,"

 She flips her maidenly carry-on to its side, as she had gotten in the habit of carrying her items with her. She sorts through it.

"I ain’t got much, but if ya find somethin’ that catches yer fancy, we can work somethin’ out easy."

 Besides her carry-on, which you doubt she’s gonna part with, you find…

Smiley Face Facemask :: A small mask that goes across the face to cover the mouth and part of your nose. It’s generally used when it’s you’re sick or don’t want to get sick. Or maybe just to hide your gorgeous smile. (it’s in a plastic baggie. Yeah, you may wanna wash it first, wasn’t Mia wearing it when she was sick?)

Certificate :: It’s a paper that has a ribbon attached. It says, ‘You’re awesome!’ Congratulations.

Chocolate-Chip Jerky :: Smoked meat covered with chocolate chips. It was created as a non-perishable food by a chef who specialized in unusual food combinations. It’s not a combination you’d really want to make.


Spray Bottle :: You can now spray people like they’re a bad puppy or something.

Bojobo Dolls :: A pair of male and female dolls that you make a wish on, made from the nuts of bojobo vines and coconut fibers. The wish is represented by how their arms and legs are tied on.

 She shuffles to sit on her knees, looking like a street merchant with all her goods splayed out.

"What a ya got sweetheart?"

Kasie beamed in excitement, already finding something to her liking. There was a pair of dolls! Sure, they weren’t the type that she normally played with, but they were better than nothing! 

She needed a playmate after all! Things were getting really lonely, especially since Mr. Sweet wasn’t coming by to visit anymore.

"Oh! I can give you all these cool toys for the doll! You can only pick one though!"

She scurried off to a well to rummage through her stock, and by the time she came back, she had an armful of arsenals and weapons. She gingerly laid them out on the table for the other to see.

  • Chainsaw :: VRM! VRM!

  • Shotfun :: That’s right. It’s a gun packed with confetti. Bang!

  • Flamethrower :: Burn, baby, burn.
shslcoolestcat asked: " 'ey little one. Ya must be Kasie right? Can I buy 'r sell some stuff wit' ya? That ok wit' ya? I may have a couple thins ya might like."


"Oh! Yeah! I’m Kasie! You can sell or buy lots of things from me. Just tell me what you want, and I can let you know what I have!"

Sickly Sweet |Min-yun|



Aw. Min-yun is going to start crying. It’s always especially confusing to her when people seem to support her. She is useless trash, after all. But if Kasie believes so…and children really were more genuine than anyone. Min-yun blinks, faint tears coming to her eyes as she brings her arms up to return the ‘imaginary hug’. She seems to be murmuring something, but of course Kasie can’t hear. Once she’s pulled back, she rubs at her eyes and gives a very happy smile before writing something else.

[Thank you very much, Kasie-chan. I appreciate that a lot :) I think I’m definitely less scared now!]

Disregarding the dead body outside, of course.

[Your mama sounds very cool! I think you can be like her if you want to. Oh, I can help, too! I know where there’s a bunch of cute clothes and stuff. When you’re better I can show you! It’s mean of people to say things like that, though :( If they do, I’ll put an imaginary people curse on them! But don’t worry, I won’t tell Mr. Sweet.]

She would have added, because I can’t, and not even because he’s dead, but then she realizes that technically she can. Simon would be coming to the horrible dead world, wouldn’t he? Fun.

Her eyes practically lit up in joy, already vibrating in place in her excitement when it came to talking to Miss Mimi. Oh, how she wanted to go to this new place the other had mentioned. Cute clothes? She definitely wanted to try those on!

"Are you a superhero too, Miss Mimi? That’s really cool! It’s okay though. You, like, don’t have to. My mama said to never be mean back to meanies, so that’s what I’m going to do! Thank you though, Miss Mimi. You’re really just the bestest."

"I think I might go to sleep now since I want to get better fast! I really want to, like, see this special place!"



Shit he fucked up, he knew that was going to be pushing it, what to say,what to say?

"No dear you aren’t bad, how could you have done anything? Though I’m not going to lie, while a majority of people are a bit rough around the edges…There are some here that aren’t very friendly. They’re the bad ones- and I’m not sure if something bad could happen to Mr. Sweet, I don’t think so because they wouldn’t want to lose all of his great pastries right?’

"Why do you think you’re so bad? You haven’t done one thing wrong from what I’ve seen."

Ah poor girl, she’ll have to find out sooner or later…but right now wouldn’t be the right time for her to find out, maybe once the body is gone then he can say Simon died more peacefully or something.

There seemed to be another break of silence as the girl just stared on and on at the other before she simply broke out into a relieved smile.


"Oh! Okie dokie! I was just, like, checking. Mr. Sweet said the exact same thing as you, Uncle Kazoom. Even though people can be meanies, my mama said not to be mean back. Mr. Sweet has to be okay if you say so, Uncle Kazoom! After all, his pastries are the bestest!"


"As for why I think I’m bad, it’s, like, because Mr. Sweet turned into Mr. Scary because I didn’t listen to him. I talked to a stranger, and then he tried to….. "

She reached up to her throat, flinching at the memory.

"I’m sorry, Mr. Card…."



Placing a hand on her head he ruffled her hair slightly, this girl was really too innocent for her own good here, taking the bracelets Kazuma gave a small grin as he put them on his wrist.

"Ah thank you Kasie dear."

Twins? Did he really look that much like the other? Sure he could play along however that would be going a bit to far.

"I’m afraid I’m not Mr. Sweet’s twin- if you want you can still call me that if you wish to though."

"Does he love bunnies now? I guess we are alike, I own one back where I live. My sisters wanted me to leave it with them though so I couldn’t bring it here. Though I have to admit I still have plenty of things that are bunny related that I brought with me. Also this might be a bit unrelated but…Just remember that no matter what happens to him he’d want you to stay happy! After all that’s why he’s been trying to make sure none of the mean strangers get near you."

God he hoped Kasie wouldn’t understand what he was saying, she was old enough to know about it but she still seemed to be a bit more oblivious than he did at her age.

Oh. Whoopsie! That was her bad. They just seemed so alike! Hopefully, she didn’t make a boo-boo and confuse the two. That would definitely be a ditzy!

Okie dokie, Uncle Kazoom! I’ll keep that in mind!”

She then listened intensely to the other’s story. There was a pause of silence after Uncle Kazoom finished. She wasn’t the smartest crayon in the box. She even knew that herself. However, the implications behind Uncle Kazoom’s words suggested the baker wasn’t okay. 

"Did something happen to Mr. Sweet? You make it sound like something happened to him. Was it something bad? Did he do something bad? Did I do something bad? Was I a bad girl? Is that what happened? Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. I’m very bad. That’s why bad things happen."

Oh, dear. It seems like you broke her.

Sickly Sweet |Min-yun|



Min-yun blinks in surprise for a moment. Wow, that worked. Amazing. She would pat herself on the back, but that would be lame. Yet another clutch save by Min-yun Yi. She slowly seems to relax as she listens to Kasie, a grin even spreading across her face at the girl’s final words. Friends….? That was nice.

[Okay! Well, get better as fast as you can :) And of course I’ll still be your friend! I’m glad you want to be mine, even if I’m me. I’m really, really glad, actually! The imaginary world is sort of scary, so it’s nice to have a friend I can talk to.]

Her smile grows brighter as she adds another line.

[Do you like dresses and hair bows and stuff like that, Kasie-chan?]

Kasie gleefully cheered to herself in silence. Yes! She earned a friend! Good job! See? She can do great after all! Mama would be so proud of her. She was certain of it. If not, then at least Mr. Sweet would be! 

However, at the mention of the imaginary world, her smile dropped. Instead, she shuffled until she was sitting alongside Miss Mimi so that she could give her an imaginary hug. Sure, she couldn’t feel the other, but she could still pretend! In the end, it didn’t matter if it was imaginary or not because it was real to her.

"It’s okay, Miss Mimi. When things get scary, you just have to remember that you’re not alone! I’m, like, here for you because you’re you! Being you means that you’re, like, super duper awesome! At least, that’s what my mama told me."

"And yeah! I love dresses and bows and everything like that, Miss Mimi! My mama wears those things all the time, and I want to be like her some day! I don’t wear them much though because I get called icky… Shhh, don’t tell Mr. Sweet! He gets really mad at people who say that to me."



"…No it’s fine, I know where he is. I just wanted to check on you for him."

Maybe it would be better to try to change the topic, but how?

"Yeah I’ve had his pastries before, I’ve made some before for my little sisters and they love them- though I don’t think mine are nearly as good as Mister Sweet’s are. Also I don’t think it’s that bad to call him that after all he cares for you like one."

"…Hey you said he made bunny pastries right? Do you like bunnies?"

Smooth transition Kazuma- smooth as sandpaper.

She nodded her head in understanding. Oh, right! How could she forget her manners. Someone was being super nice to her, and she had to return the favor of course. She immediately rustled through a dresser next to the bed and pulled out several bracelets to give to the other.

"Okie dokie! That’s really, like, nice of you, Mister Kazoom.Thank you! Andandand, this is for you!" 

Giggling happily at the fact that… she could call Mr. Sweet ‘Papa’, Kasie was overjoyed. Really! She was just over the moon! She immediately replied.

"Really? I’m glad! Does that mean I can call you Uncle Kazoom? After all, you’re twins with Mr. Sweet right? You two are really alike!"

"I like bunnies a lot! I actually want to get a pet bunny one day! Hehe. The main reason I’d want one though is to give it to, like, Mr. Sweet since he really really loves bunnies!”

Sickly Sweet |Min-yun|



Fuck. Min-yun messed up. This is why she doesn’t have friends. Probably also why she’s dead. She can feel the dark circles forming under her eyes as they widen, frantically staring at Kasie. She waves her hands around nervously before writing something else on the paper.

[No, no, you don’t need to get him. He might be busy, and we don’t need to bother him, okay?]


[You don’t have to do anything for me! I just want you to get better, okay? I saw you passed out after sending all those messages. Sorry about that :( I won’t send as many this time.]

Frowning slightly in concern for Miss Mimi, Kasie slowly nods. Really, it wasn’t a hassle to do so. All she had to do was get up and walk out that door towards the front. That’s where Mr. Sweet usually was. Still, if Miss Mimi wanted her to stay, then it’s okay! Plus, she didn’t want to bother Mr. Sweet. Not after what happened last time. 

"Okay, Miss Mimi! And there’s no need to say sorry. I just got sick from a fever. That’s all! I like helping you. After all, you’re my friend! Hehe! I don’t care if you’re imaginary or not. You’re still going to be, like, my friend right?"



She trusts him? If she finds out what happened to Simon…he wondered how long that trust would last. Placing those into the back of his head he smiled and listened to her rant- it was refreshing to see someone so cheery here oblivious to everything that was happening.

"Oh? Water? Alright, just wait here for a moment I’ll get you a glass."

Walking away for only a few moments he went as quick as he could to make it back to her room before she got up and went outside to see what was there. Only when everything was cleaned- only then he’d let her out without a worry. He didn’t want her to see, she didn’t need to such a happy smile didn’t need to be ruined here and he wanted to do his best to keep that smile up on her face.

As he returned he walked over and handed her the glass, sure he was useless but he could at least try to do one thing right

"Thank you, Mister Kazoom!"

Kasie croaked out brightly in gratitude, already guzzling the water to quench her dried throat. Yay! Now her voice didn’t have to be all crackly anymore!

"So, what are you doing here, Mister Kazoom? Did you need to get Mr. Sweet? I can get him for you? I know Miss Mimi was asking about him earlier, so yeah! Mr. Sweet’s, like, super popular! I can get why. He’s really nice. He makes me all sorts of yummy food and everything! He’s my papa! He doesn’t like it when I call him that, but… I like to say it in secret. Is that bad?"